Because of climate change, the Arctic ice is melting at an alarming rate. Polar bears are threatened with extinction. The Himalayan glaciers are shrinking. How will it affect food production in India, China, Bangladesh, and Pakistan? What kind of famine will it bring? This is terrible to think of – and yet it has to be considered.

How should humanity react to global warming – or weapons of mass destruction, wars, increasing inequality, and terrorism with which humanity is also threatening its own existence?

The major question of our time is: what is the cause of humanity’s self-destructiveness?

To investigate the reasons, we have to make a summary of human nature and the entire path of humankind. Humanity has to study its history for the sake of the present, above all, in order to solve the most urgent problems it is facing.

Humanity’s survival doctrine can only be built on humanity’s self-knowledge.

When Carl von Linné classified humans among the primates, he described them with the phrase ”Nosce te ipsum” – know thyself. Hegel also pointed out that this maxim inscribed in the portico of the Temple of Apollo at Delphi is addressed to all humanity, not only to individual humans.

How can humanity study itself as a species? Our answer is the Human Path – Debating Encyclopedia. It’s a medium for citizens of different countries to criticise the irrationalism of their own government or their own political party, i.e. to urge them to learn from history – as well their own history as the entire path of humankind.

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