After Facebook came a new Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg describes the change in his Manifesto in this way:

“For the past decade, Facebook has focused on connecting friends and families. With that foundation, our next focus will be developing the social infrastructure for community — for supporting us, for keeping us safe, for informing us, for civic engagement, and for inclusion of all.”

“In times like these, the most important thing we at Facebook can do is develop the social infrastructure to give people the power to build a global community that works for all of us.”

Here are our comments on the main points.

1. From where begins the building of the global society?

What do the concepts global society, global community and global civic society mean? Different philosophico-political currents have different opinions on it. Zuckerberg uses the concept global community without defining it in any way.

The defining of the concepts is one of the most important topics of debate today.

The debate on the defining of those concepts must be based on the debate on the path of the humanity as a whole, on the basic lessons of the history of human species: history doesn’t begin from us, nor does the building of the global society.

What is the basic lesson of the history of human species? – Our answer: we must have a civilized discussion, with the participation of all the currents of opinion, scientifically and at the same time as popularly as possible, about the basic lesson of the history of human species. This is also the nucleus of the universal ethics. The global society can be based only on universal ethics.

In our opinion, the building of global society can begin only from such a discussion.

2. Global civic society is a democratic united front

The most essential feature of the world history today is, in our opinion, a global community, a global civic society, that will be born on an ethico-intellectual basis. It is the most important part of the emerging global society, its motive force.

The global civic society will be born on the basis of individual networking.

By nature it is an ideologico-political united front, where people supporting different philosophical, ideological and political currents can exchange opinions on an equal basis.

It is possible to build a global civic society as a united front, which is impartial both ideologico-polically and philosophico-culturally, only as an organisation for discussion.

The way Zuckerberg defines the nature and mission of the new Facebook, every political party and every philosophical, ideologico-political and ethico-intellectual current should start “their own Facebook”.

With the help of Facebook it is possible to organize various happenings and campaigns, of which Zuckerberg mentions positive examples. On the basis of Facebook it is not possible, though, to organize systematic democratic discussion between different currents of opinion.

3. How do you in practise organize the discussion in the global civic society?

Zuckerberg has no answer to the question.

Our answer is, firstly, the topic: the discussion about the basic lessons of the history of the human species and the current state of the world and about the history and the current state in every nation.

Secondly, our answer is to be found in the two main features of our format.

The panels: All of us are more or less inclined to irrationalism and arbitrariness in forming our opinions, especially when topics are important and rouse strong emotions. Therefore, the goal of the debate is not unanimity, but instead every participant must accept differing opinions beside his/her own ones. – The Debating Encyclopedia is not open for those, who are unable to a civilized discussion. Facebook, on the other hand, has not been able to close its sites from questionable material. And more important, its filter bubbles obstruct people with different opinions to meet each other.

The principle of rewarding: “One must get paid also on the basis of love of truth, sense of justice and ability to solidarity”.

Because every one is inclined to irrationalism and arbitrariness, participants of discussions must be encouraged to civilized discussion by material rewards for the exemplary discussion culture.

This principle of rewarding can also be applied in the economic activities in the local clubs of the Debating Encyclopedia.

In our opinion, there should be an aspiration to apply this principle more broadly: in every country the government should be prodded to give not only symbolic but also material rewards to the individuals and social movements, that have had courage to defend the truth and stand against wrongdoings and that maybe have had to suffer because of it.

In our opinion, it is fair, too, that the incomes from the ads etc. go (after the administrative expenses) to the content providers, that is, the users can earn money, unlike in Facebook.

We’ll present in Debating Encyclopedia our systematic critique on Zuckerberg’s Manifesto. We criticise it because we appreciate it. – And all counterarguments are welcome.

What will come after the new Facebook? – We believe that after that will come The Human Path Debating Encyclopedia. As far as we know, there is no other model for social networking which organising is based on purely ethical grounds and which is open for all currents of opinions.

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