Wikipedia is one of the internet’s biggest success stories. The Debating Encyclopedia (DE) continues its tradition as a global public education project – but, as we believe, on a higher level.

One thing they have in common is that everyone can take part in writing and in the content production in general.

The differencies are:

1) In accordance with the best dictionary traditions, Wikipedia is aiming at neutrality, and there are specific instructions for achieving it. However, this makes it impossible to discuss controversial issues in a consistently democratic way.

In the DE, the writers are encouraged to express their views from their own point of view, as distinctly and sharply as possible. Impartiality will be achieved by the fact that there can be as many articles on the same topic as there are different views and that, when compiling debate panels, the participants have to pay regard to the opponent’s arguments.

2) In wikipedia, anyone can edit any article. This is not possible in the DE. Instead, the users can utilize all the contents of the DE in their own sites and panels.

3) In Wikipedia, no theme is more important than other themes. In the DE, human history is the main theme, and each ideological faction, opinion group or individual addresses it in its own way. The main focus will be on themes that evoke great passions and disagreements.

4) In Wikipedia the writers can’t earn money. In the DE they can.

5) Wikipedia is actuallly not a social networking platform. In the DE, the users get to know new people and can network, above all, on the basis of fair debate culture.

6) Wikipedia has not generated a global network of local branches around it. The DE has all the prerequisites to do that.

7) Wikipedia neither provides much opportunities nor encourages to form a holistic view of the world and to take part in discussing the solutions to the major problems facing humankind. In the annual review State of Humankind’s Self-knowledge, the users of the DE make summaries of the state of their own nation and the whole of humanity as well as of everything they have learned during the year.

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